The Most comprehensive and up-to-date data on Scottish visitor attractions

Combining our breadth and depth of expertise, with our reputation for realistic, down-to-earth, practical advice, the Moffat Centre should be your first port of call for advice in attraction development and marketing.

Visitor Attraction Monitor

Detailed data on public and private sector Scottish attractions from large operations like national museums and galleries to small independent operators. It is the most comprehensive range of data on visitor attraction performance in Scotland with data available back to 1991

Visitor Attraction Barometer

The monthly Visitor Attraction Barometer (VAB) report maps trends, visitor numbers, and other key variables of over 600 visitor attractions across Scotland

Bespoke Reports

With a tailored approach for each client, we provide realistic, practical advice in destination management


Awards of up to £3,600 are available to students studying travel and tourism at GCU